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Villa Vinea Transylvania- Cuvée Celest. Romanian sparkling wine

21 Jun 19

Bollinger Special Cuvée. One champagne a week.

09 Aug 18

Pastila de champagne

25 Jul 18
OPiA Celebrate Champagne

Romanian sparkling wine. Clarus Balla Geza

21 Feb 18

Blanc de Noirs Domeniile Panciu. Romanian sparkling wine

26 Dec 17

Red or Rosé? Prince Stirbey Brut. Romanian sparkling wine

05 Dec 17

Carassia Brut Rosé: Romanian Sparkling wine

23 Oct 17

One Champagne a week: Louis Roederer Vintage Rosé 2010

28 Sep 17

One Champagne a week: Pierre Moncuit Delos Blanc de Blancs

20 Sep 17

One champagne a week

05 Sep 17

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