Cuvée Prestige Domeniile Panciu- OPiA recommends


The magnum bottle ( 1,5 l)  is ideal for sparkling wines. In this size the oxygen that comes in contact with the wine is less and the maturation is slower producing different layers of flavours while the wine remain fresh. For a lunch in 4 a bottle of magnum is the best choice. Not only it looks extravagant, but the wine is different.

Cuvée Prestige from Domeniile Panciu in magnum size is a well balanced classic sparkling.  I appreciate the vibrant acidity that complements the aromatic opulence and the layers of aromas of dried fruits, roasted walnuts, honey, brioche that the wine has built while waiting patientely in the darkness of the cellar.

Made by Sorin Macovicuc at Domeniile Panciu in the historic vineyards of Panciu in Vrancea country the wine is crafted from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the grape varieties used in Champagne and  a touch of  Fetească Regală to give the wine its fruity freshness and Romanian touch. If you like fuller body gastronomic wine try Blanc de Noirs Domeniile Panciu which I was writing about too.

To be more than pleasant a sparkling wine needs time to perfect itself. Cuvée Prestige will evolve some years from now kept at about 6-10℃ in the darkness. You can have it one year in your fridge just to be prepared when your friends comes for a visit.

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