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You will live an unforgettable experience with themes and interaction. For companies or private, for your anniversary or your guests. Choose or let us propose a venue in the country or abroad. Here is what we can make for you:

Champagne tasting with dinner

You will find out why champagne is named “the king of wine and wine of kings” and will learn to appreciate its value. Fine gastronomy and conviviality.

The finest wine in the world has an intriguing history and story. It requires effort, knowledge, precision. My mission is to inspire you to fall in love with champagne for what you discover behind its glitter.

Wine tasting with dinner

You will discover great wines from all around the world, will penetrate the fascinating wine world and will drink it more mindful

Themes parties

Party under another identity. Guaranteed  fun under cover.

Mystery parties

An attractive game of offence to clear up the mystery of a crime . Interactive and role playing for curios people.

Each event has a format which can be personalized to meet your needs.

GATHER A GROUP OF GUESTS and let us organize a unique evening or PARTICIPATE at OPiA’s next open event

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Ladies behind the pearls of champagne

Around the world in a glass of wine ®

Soirée de Champagne

The dessert wines of the world

Themes parties

Mystery parties

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Bucharest The 13Th of May 2018

Masterclass Romanian sparkling wine by traditional method

detais and rezervation