With each champagne tasting event I make my mission of getting more and more friends genuine in love with champagne is accomplished. It is love that makes humans happy.  I am happy and grateful.

I am Olimpia, deeply passionate by champagne and travel. I love people and life.What I know doing the best is to gather people and  introduce them in a world of joy and role play while learning about bubbles We travel sensorial, we laugh and savor champagne in the most elegant manner.

Since I noticed wine and food needs to be mindful consumed to be able to appreciate their core value, I started to study about wine. This fascinating world is so large and so cultural different and the people behind the wine are so deep and close to the truth of life, that such a passion can only last forever. I travel all around the world to sense the drink of gods.

Among all wines, Champagne seduced me. With its elegance, exuberance, and the consistence of its history. I find myself in everything  that champagne communicates: luxury, celebration, emotion, beauty.  It is the most elaborated wine on the planet and I love to savor it with full ritual. I use to say that Champagne has to be lived and this is the mission of my activity. To promote champagne as a manner of living the life well, with intelligent enjoyment, elegance and kindness.

Welcome to the world of champagne, the most seductive wine on the planet.

Themes parties are even older passion which I discovered while working in trading for IKEA where I made a few events for my colleagues.  I learned that men and women, being under another identity created by simply the costume it is wearing, may find itself closer to its inner identity or to someone it dreams to be.

Let’s play and enjoy life. 


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