Blanc de Noirs Domeniile Panciu. Romanian sparkling wine


I arrive in Sîrbi, a village in Moldova wine region, in the NE of Romania, in November 2017.  Sorin welcomes and guides us straight to the vineyard. We climb the stairs of a terrace built in the middle of the vines and I admire the landscape of the hills of Panciu and the Putna River. The grapes are gone but the chromatic show of the rolling hills is magnificent. I smell the earth and the autumn leaves and I experience a great emotion facing up to the beauty of the nature.

By Olimpia Pleșa Brandhuber


I met Sorin Macoviciuc at the Romanian wine fair ReVino in Bucharest ( in 2018 it will take place between 12-14 of may). In the foyer of hotel Novotel, in a transparent ice bucket, I notice a few bottles of sparkling wine deeply buried into the ice. I wonder curiously which Romanian producer has such a large variety of sparkling wine? I taste all the 3 styles made by traditional method of Domeniile Panciu and I put a lot of questions. After one hour I am still here seduced by the wines and the enthusiasm of the wine maker.

I like the harmony, the consistence and fine effervescence of these wines. I leave the fair happy to have discovered a Romanian competitive sparkling. I wish I knew more about the essence of these wines. For this to happen I have to visit the domain myself to step on the ground, sense the vineyard and meet the people which create these wines.


Blanc de Noirs Domeniile Panciu is a sparkling wine crafted from red grapes entirely, here from Pinot Noir farmed on the hills of Vrancea. They are pressed immediately after harvest, minimizing the contact with the skin which bears the pigment. It spent than 2 years in the bottle with the lees to round itself. The result is a full body wine, with savory texture and intense aromas of quince, pears and drought definitely one must eat consistent food to pair this wine.

The hills exposure and the soil creates optimal conditions for the grapes to retain their vital acidity which entitles this Blanc de Noirs Domeniile Panciu to became the perfect companion for savory food such as pork roulade, goose or foie gras. It also accompanied successfully my traditional Christmas sweet bread along the whole process, from kneading to happily eating it freshly baked.

The whole range of Domeniile Panciu sparkling wine – Cuvee Prestige made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Blanc de Blancs, 100% Chardonnay, Rose and Blanc de Noirs , all Brut, can be sourced on the site of the producer or at Comenzi

I wish you a Happy New Year my friends close to the dear ones and your preferred wine

Hanoi, the 27th of December 2017

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