J.O.H.A.N.N.A. Sparkling Crama Bauer.-OPiA recommends


JOHANNA seduced me with finesse, elegance, generous aromas and prolonged aftertaste. A marriage of floral, citrus, honey, walnut and discreet croissant aromas. Fresh (although 6 years old) and concentrated, the acidity is harmoniously sustained by the natural residual sugar. Succulent and translucent like a foam, it disappears and tempts me to take another sip. I flirt with him to understand him, as in a game of seduction.

Very versatile with food due to the abundant acidity that refreshes the taste. Good both at the feast and at aperitif. An authentic Romanian wine made by traditional method from a native grape variety,   Feteasca Regală ( Royal Girl) and aged more than 5 years in the cellars at Crama Bauer., in the south of Romania, in Drăgășani vineyard. It is a wonderful example for the potential of  this indigenous grape . It will evolve surprisingly for many years. Exuberant.

With love and effervescence,

Olimpia Pleșa Brandhuber

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