Romanian sparkling wine. Clarus Balla Geza

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“Hay baked parsnip, porcini and parsley sauce” was the amouse-bouche prepared by chef Adrian Hădean for the event “Surprising Tastes” where he was invited to surprise the guests with original culinary creations. The wine I choose to associate with was just the same surprising, a fresh and aromatic Romanian sparkling wine, Clarus Brut – Balla Geza. Served at the right temperature it proved to be a perfect companion. It relaxed the guests and created the element of joy essential to any event.

By Olimpia Pleșa Brandhuber


Clarus Brut is a Romanian sparkling wine with luxury appearance and accessible price. I use to propose it to those in search of authentic wines proper for opening a convivial event or for a perfect gift. An original sparkling made from a native grape variety, vinified in a modern manner to satisfy the taste of the actual consumers with an admirable balance price versus quality. I appreciate at Clarus the harmony, finesse and honesty as much as the elegant look of the bottle and label.


Clarus Brut Balla Geza is made from the indigenous grape variety Mustoasă de Măderat in the wine region Crișana Banat, in the Western part of Romania. The vineyard is named Miniș- Măderat. The grape was familiar only to the wine enthusiasts and to local people but, thanks to the oenologist Balla Geza who vinifies it as still and sparkling wine, the grape variety became more known and appreciated.

After fermentation in stainless steel containers at Balla Geza Winery, 26 km far from Arad city, the base wine made from Mustoasă de Măderat was send to a specialized cave in Hungary where it became sparkling by traditional method. After 12 months of contemplation on the lees, the wine was disgorged resulting a solar wine with lemon, paste and pears notes, energetic effervescence and integrated acidity.

You can find Clarus Brut Balla Geza at for online delivery, in specialized store and on the menu of the restaurants in Romania. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Cluj, the 21h of February 2018

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