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It is a champagne tasting event dedicated to one champagne house and gastronomy.

Ex: Soirée de Champagne Ruinart (elegance),  Pol Roger ( my first love) , Moet Grand Vintage ( exclusive selection) etc. You will discover the history of the house, the different style of champagne they craft and will decide which is your favorite. 

Soirée de Champagne is a complete fine dinning experience with focus on knowledge and mindfulness as expression of living luxury.

Sensing a glass of champagne is different when one knows the place and conditions it comes from, the people who crafts it, their values history and culture, the dark and the bright site of their living.  Knowledge intensifies the joy of experience.

GATHER A GROUP OF GUESTS, choose your preferred champagne and gourmet restaurant and contact us to stage an unforgettable Soirée de Champagne

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