Maria Stefanache, Regista

July 3rd, 2012, Comenteaza primul

Mia cara Olimpia, it was a memorable evening which enhanced me cultural about the special essence named “Champagne”. I have enjoyed 3 different varieties of champagne POl Roger, I have found the miraculous story of champagne and technology, which food should I associate it for maximum satisfaction, when and where should I enjoy it, which style should I choose for different states of spirit and what glasses should I use.  You have activated all my senses. In one world an extraordinary evening, with beautiful people. You are unic in the way you created this event with your unic style, contributing to my life style education. Keep on going, many of us needs you to make our life more beautifull. Maria Stefanache, Regista teatrale, Centro Produzioni Teatrali e Documentari Video di Milano


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